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The hardest part of writing a novel is getting your first draft down on paper. Imagine having a personal writing assistant, powered by AI, that could help you jumpstart the process and generate your first draft in a matter of minutes.

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A cute robot reviewing your finished novel is an AI-powered web application designed to inspire, guide, and empower writers in their creative journey. With a suite of innovative features, including Character Designer, World Builder, and Story Starter, streamlines the process, helping authors craft captivating characters, immersive settings, and compelling narratives.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this intuitive platform provides a seamless writing experience, enabling writers of all skill levels to overcome writer's block, organize their ideas, and unleash their storytelling potential. Discover a new realm of creativity with – your all-in-one writing companion.

Character Designer

Craft compelling and unique characters using NovelFlow Character Designer. This intuitive AI-powered tool helps you delve deep into the minds of your characters, from their personalities and backgrounds to their motivations and relationships. By providing a comprehensive character profile, the Character Designer enables writers to create more authentic, consistent, and emotionally resonant stories.

A selection of AI generated character profile pictures.

World Builder

Immerse your readers in a vivid and captivating world with the help of World Builder. This innovative AI-enhanced feature helps you design intricate, consistent, and fully-realized settings.

Whether you're creating a fantastical realm or an alternate version of our own world, World Builder streamlines the process of world-building, ensuring your setting is rich, engaging, and immersive.

A selection of AI generated concept photos for story settings.

Story Starter

Overcome writer's block and kickstart your storytelling journey with Story Starter.

This AI-powered feature generates unique and inspiring story ideas, prompts, and plot outlines, providing you with a solid foundation for your narrative.

By fueling your creative process with fresh, original concepts, Story Starter enables you to dive into your writing with confidence and enthusiasm.

A cute little robot reading a book.

Ready to finish your first draft? uses artificial intelligence to understand your story's characters, setting, plot and theme.  We start by asking a series of structured questions to generate an initial outline and rough first draft of your novel.  Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to your new novel: with your first draft is just a few questions away. is launching soon. Sign up below to be the first to try it out!

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